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MON MEILL, a fashion online fine jewelrybrand, means ‘my best time’ in French. Our collection is crafted by worldwidedesigners. Every piece of jewelry is set with ‘PURE BRILLIANCEZIRCONIA’, in which its cutting grade can be as samebrightness as real diamond.


MON MEILL has a presence in Hong Kong,Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Korea, China andTaiwan. MON MEILL’s manufacturing factory has area around 3,000 square feet,with over 300 employees. With the world-leading Envision TEC digital lightprocessing technology, the precision of the jewelry has been ensured. Itscomputerized modeling system exceeds international standard. The latest fashiondesign and the exquisite craftsmanship of MON MEILL conveys the visualappreciation of your new jewelry. We aim to serve all fashionable people withalargerange of fine jewelry products. Here you will find the most reasonableprice of accessories for men, women and children.


Here we have unfailing supply of finejewelry styles, affordable pricing. Together with skillful craftsmanship, webelieve MON MEILL’s Jewelry can create a best time for you.